We did it !

Lisa and Jelena, after collaborating at a dental practice on Auckland's North Shore, have embarked on a new venture. They've opened their own dental hygiene practice, aiming to provide care tailored to their vision and in a location they're passionate about.
Lisa and Jelena.
Lisa Lazenby Hygienist profile

Lisa Lazenby

After moving to NZ from the UK in 2004, Lisa graduated from Otago dental school in 2006 and has been practicing dental hygiene ever since. Over the last 18 years Lisa has established two successful hygiene departments within dental clinics that had previously never offered these services, working with clients that had never experienced hygiene care. Lisa   worked in clinics across many areas of Auckland, Ponsonby, Mairangi Bay, Browns Bay and Birkenhead, before forming The Hygienists & Co in December 2023.

Lisa is a natural people person, she loves talking to people and helping people understand there is nothing to fear at the dental clinic, particularly clinics that are purely made up of dental hygienists!

This love of people, and  passion for advancing her knowledge has led Lisa to complete a BSC and post graduate education in Psychology, enabling her to further appreciate the common fears or reluctance to visit dental clinics. The valuable knowledge gained from these studies has enhanced her level of care as she is able to use methods from psychological training to allay anxiety and provide the highest level of comfort during her care.

Knowing the importance of a holistic approach to care Lisa   pursued extra training in Dento-facial rejuvenation through the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA). The ability to provide injectable treatments to improve health and aesthetics in facial regions, now means that the teeth, skin, lips and smile finally can all be carried out in place place!

In Lisa’s spare time she can be found in Leigh with her husband Matt walking their two furbabys Hugo & Stanley (Hunterway x Collies)

If you are looking for comprehensive and holistic Dento-facial care and a good chat, then look no further.

Jelena Knezevic Hygienist

JeIena Knezevic

I moved from Belgrade (Serbia) to New Zealand in 2001. I was a registered nurse in Serbia, and I loved it. I considered retraining as one in NZ, but then a better idea occurred to me. My whole life, I had unpleasant experiences at the dentist. When I came to New Zealand, not only did the experience continue to be unpleasant, but it was also unaffordable. So, in order to bypass this issue, I decided to train as an Oral Health Therapist. I thought by doing this, not only would I gain inside knowledge on which dentist to see and which one to avoid, I would also get staff discounts while still doing what I love, which is working with people. Fortunately for me (and patients), this turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I love treating patients how I wished I was treated with compassion and understanding. I love making something that is usually an unpleasant experience as enjoyable as humanly possible (with skill, humour, and a generous helping of topical anaesthetic). I do my best to adjust each treatment plan to individual patient needs and to implement that treatment plan in a manner that will be comfortable and effective. I do not lecture nor do I judge. I aim to motivate and inspire—think of me as your gums' personal trainer (accommodating & gentle).

I graduated from AUT in 2009 with a Bachelor's degree in Oral health. I worked 2 years for ARDS as a dental therapist and for the last 12 years as a dental hygienist at some really nice places, and although I enjoyed them, at my most recent job I met Lisa. After talking about it for a while, we decided it is time to do our own thing, open our practice, and make patients the priority.

To anyone out there that believes that all dental treatments are unenjoyable, please do come and see us. We will be happy to change your mind. Let the fun begin, and let's work together on building skills and habits that will save you a fortune by minimising or preventing the need for future dental treatments.